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Thank you for providing your real world flight experience data. Your information will be analyzed for the sole purpose of supporting USHPA's mission to improve the level of safety and training for all pilots and is key to that effort.

None of the information you provide can be used for disciplinary or legal action of any kind.

By clicking on the  "Agree & Begin Summary Report"  button below you consent to the following terms and conditions. After clicking you will be taken to the USHPA Accident/Incident Reporting System (AIRS) so you can provide information about an accident or incident. There are a few things we would like you to know:

  1. This incident reporting system is for research purposes only, and the information collected in it is strictly confidential. If you intend to file a compliment or complaint, please follow the link below.
  2. Providing information is voluntary, and you may stop answering questions at any point or skip any question you do not wish to answer.
  3. The information you provide is automatically encoded and stored, and it cannot be removed. Only the primary investigators have access to the decoding key, which is stored independent of the information in a locked, password-protected file. A Federal Certificate of Confidentiality also protects all information collected from legal discovery, such as a subpoena.
  4. There are no known risks or immediate benefits to those who file a report. It is the goal of this study to use the information you, and others, provide to make hang gliding and paragliding safer for all pilots.
  5. The lead investigator for this study is Dr. Felipe Amunategui. Mitch Shipley is an investigator. They can be reached with questions, comments, or concerns at the following addresses:
    • Felipe Amunategui:
    • Mitch Shipley:
    Alternatively, you can call the USHPA office: (800) 616-6888 (toll free) or (719) 632-8300 if you need more information or would like an investigator to contact you directly.

We appreciate your participation in the USHPA Accident/Incident Reporting System (AIRS). We will, to the best of our ability, use this information to arrive at lessons learned that can help other pilots avoid a similar fate.

Thanks for doing your part!

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